Managing Stream Data#

BTrDB allows you to insert data and delete data using Stream objects.

Inserting Data#

You can insert data into a Stream at any time - even for times that already exist! As we will later see, querying data will return RawPoint and StatPoint objects however inserting data requires only a time int and value float within in a tuple object (tuple(int, float)).

After inserting your data, the server will return a new version number for your stream.

payload = [
    (1500000000000000000, 1.0), (1500000000000100000, 2.1),
    (1500000000000200000, 3.3), (1500000000000300000, 5.1),
    (1500000000000400000, 5.7), (1500000000000500000, 6.1),
version = stream.insert(payload)

Deleting Data#

To delete data from a stream you must provide a range (start/end) of time to the delete method.

Because you are modifying data, the version number is incremented and will be returned from the server at the end of your call. Keep in mind that data is never truly gone as you can query for the deleted data using an older version of the Stream.

version = stream.delete(start=1500000000000000000, end=1520000000000000000)