Server Connection and Info#

There are a number of options available when connecting to a BTrDB server or server cluster. First, you will need to identify the appropriate IP or FQDN to use as well as the access port.

By default BTrDB servers expose port 4410 for unencrypted access and 4411 for encrypted access using TLS. You may also opt for authentication using an API key which can be provided to you by the BTrDB server administrators. Using such a key will require the TLS port (4411) as attempting to use a different port with an API key will raise an exception.

Connecting to servers#

The btrdb library comes with a high level connect function to interface with a BTrDB server. Upon successfully connecting, you will be returned a BTrDB object which is the starting point for all of your server interactions.

For your convenience, you may default all connection parameters to environment variables if these are configured on your system. If no arguments are provided, the btrdb.connect function will attempt to connect using the BTRDB_ENDPOINTS and BTRDB_API_KEY environment variables.

Several connection options are shown in the code below:

import btrdb

# connect using BTRDB_ENDPOINTS and BTRDB_API_KEY ENV variables
conn = btrdb.connect()

# connect without credentials
conn = btrdb.connect("")

# connect without credentials using TLS
conn = btrdb.connect("")

# connect with API key
conn = btrdb.connect("", apikey="123456789123456789")

Using Profiles#

In addition to providing the endpoint and API key directly (or through environment variables), you may provide a profile name which looks into your PredictiveGrid credentials file at $HOME/.predictivegrid/credentials.yaml. Using profiles is meant as a (optional) convenience device and may also be supplied through the environmental variable $BTRDB_PROFILE.

import btrdb

# connect using your own "research" profile
conn = btrdb.connect(profile="research")

The credentials file is in YAML format as shown below.

  name: "research"
    endpoints: ""
    api_key: "d976a2d61103feb2235441fd6887955c"
  name: "default"
    endpoints: ""
    api_key: "e666a2d61103feb2235441fd68879440"

Connection Info Resolution#

The connect function is quite aggressive about finding ways to connect to the server and power users could get into odd edge cases if using multiple profiles with incomplete entries. For troubleshooting purposes, the connect function performs the following steps to determine the correct server credentials.

  1. Load profile connection info with the BTRDB_PROFILE environment variable or load the default profile if not found.

  2. Overwrite the profile data with BTRDB_ENDPOINTS and BTRDB_API_KEY environment variables if available.

  3. Overwrite accumulated connection data with endpoints and api_key arguments if supplied.

Viewing server status#

Server version and connection information can be viewed by calling the info method of the server object as shown below.

conn = btrdb.connect()
>> {'majorVersion': 5, 'build': '5.0.0', 'proxy': {'proxyEndpoints': ''}}