The btrdb package has only a few requirements and is relatively easy to install. A number of installation options are available as detailed below.

Installing with pip#

We recommend using pip to install btrdb-python on all platforms:

$ pip install btrdb

With btrdb>=5.30.2, there are now extra dependencies that can be installed with pip. We recommend installing the data extra dependencies (the second option in the code block below).

$ pip install "btrdb>=5.30.2" # standard btrdb
$ pip install "btrdb[data]>=5.30.2" # btrdb with data science packages included (recommended)
$ pip install "btrdb[all]>=5.30.2" # btrdb with testing, data science and all other optional packages

To get a specific version of btrdb-python supply the version number. The major version of this library is tied to the major version of the BTrDB database as in the 4.X bindings are best used to speak to a 4.X BTrDB database, the 5.X bindings for 5.X platform..

$ pip install "btrdb[data]==5.30.2"

To upgrade using pip:

$ pip install --upgrade btrdb

Installing with Anaconda#

We recommend installing using pip.