What’s Changed#

  • Initial docstring overhaul and a new test for better documentation and test coverage. by @JustinGilmer in #82

  • Test new join logic for improved data loading for windowed queries. by @JustinGilmer in #80

  • Improve arrow_to_dataframe function for handling large amounts of columns, enhancing performance and usability. by @Jefflinf in #73

  • Expand testing to include Python 3.11, ensuring compatibility and stability. by @JustinGilmer in #74

  • Update exception handling to better support RpcErrors, improving error management and debugging. by @JustinGilmer in #72

  • Introduce an option for specifying the schema of the returned raw data, allowing for more flexibility in data handling. by @andrewchambers in #51

  • Remove non-required dependencies and migrate to ‘data’ optional dependency for a lighter package and easier installation. by @JustinGilmer in #71

  • New method to get first and last timestamps from aligned_windows, enhancing data analysis capabilities. by @Jefflinf in #70

  • Add to_timedelta method for pointwidth class, providing more options for time-based data manipulation. by @Jefflinf in #69


  • Fix NoneType error for earliest/latest for empty streams, ensuring reliability and error handling. by @Jefflinf in #64

  • Correct integration tests where the time column is not automatically set as the index, improving test accuracy and reliability. by @JustinGilmer in #56


  • FutureWarning for streams_in_collection to return StreamSet in the future, preparing users for upcoming API changes. by @Jefflinf in #60

Full Changelog: GitHub compare view


What’s Changed#

Full Changelog: GitHub compare view


What’s Changed#

Full Changelog: 5.30.2


What’s Changed#

  • Small version bump for pypi release

Full Changelog: 5.30.1


What’s Changed#

  • Merge Arrow support into Main for Release by @youngale-pingthings in PingThingsIO/btrdb-python#37

    • This PR contains many changes that support the commercial Arrow data fetches and inserts

    • arrow_ prefixed methods for Stream Objects:

      • insert, aligned_windows, windows, values

    • arrow_ prefixed methods for StreamSet` objects:

      • insert, values, to_dataframe, to_polars, to_arrow_table, to_numpy, to_dict, to_series

  • Justin gilmer patch 1 by @justinGilmer in PingThingsIO/btrdb-python#39

Full Changelog: 5.30.0


What’s Changed#

New Contributors#

Full Changelog: 5.28.1